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Microprocessor-Controlled UV Crosslinker Makes All the Others Obsolete!

  • Covalently Binds Nucleic-Acid Samples to Membranes in Under 30 Seconds – 240 times faster than vacuum-oven baking!
  • Safeguards Your Valuable Test Results from Washouts – unique true-UV-monitoring circuitry assures that the set dosage is always delivered
  • Ensures Optimum Membrane Binding – even as tubes age!
  • Affords Amazing Versatility – ideal for numerous applications, including elimination of PCR contamination
  • Produces Publication-Quality Results  every time!
  • “Smart” Microprocessor Controller Provides Unequalled Ease of Use – auto repeat, “help” prompts and four operation modes (including automatic optimal crosslink) make error-free results routine
  • Significantly Enhances Hybridization-Signal Sensitivity over conventional methods


Spectrolinker — the World’s Most Advanced, Versatile and Accurate UV Crosslinker is Also the Easiest to Use!

The Spectrolinker was designed to be one of the most useful, multi-purpose instruments you can use in the lab. We built it with a “smart” microprocessor controller and unique true-UV-monitoring circuitry to enable you to get error-free results with greater speed, accuracy and safety than was previously possible. That’s why we also eliminated the needlessly time-consuming adjustments, unnecessarily repetitive programming and unwarranted risk of sample damage you encounter with conventional crosslinkers and other UV equipment such as light boxes and transilluminators. Our ultimate goal is to make this revolutionary new intrument your most indispensable apparatus.

Programmable, User-Friendly, “Smart” Microprocessor Controller Makes the Spectrolinker Simple and Foolproof!

Just select any of four operation modes:

  • Automatic Optimal Crosslink for a preset dosage of 120 mJ/cm2
  • Energy (0-999,900 µJ/cm2)
  • Time (0 seconds – 2 3/4 hours)
  • Intensity Readout

Built-In “Help” Messages and LED-Function Indicators Guide You Every Step of the Way, Reminding You of:

  • Your Selected Settings
  • Remaining Time/Energy
  • When Tubes Need Replacement
  • Door Open
  • End of Cycle

Auto Repeat “Remembers” Previous Settings for Quick and Simple, One-Button Operation. You never have to enter the same numbers over and over. Just press “Start” to automatically repeat or to resume a user-interrupted operation. Should the door be opened during operation, the Spectrolinker alternately flashes “door” and the remaining time or energy. The “Reset” button cancels the latest settings.

Unparalleled Accuracy – Our state-of-the-art photo
sensor provides true UV monitoring. Competitors’ units
employ inferior, bare photodiodes, which render them inaccurate
by reading unwanted visible and infrared radiations.
The Spectrolinker’s exclusive, wavelength-specific,
multi-stack UV photo sensor, which is factory-calibrated to
NIST (NBS) specifications, provides the most precise UV-only
dosage measurements. 254nm tubes are standard,
with 312nm or 365nm tubes optional. Full-range-display
resolution is accurate to ±5µW/cm2. EMI/RFI protection.

Super-Fast Crosslinking – Binds Samples in Under 30 Seconds. Vacuum-oven baking would take over two hours at 80°C. The Spectrolinker is over 240 times faster!

Large UV-Blocking Window Provides Visual Confirmation — A convenient inspection window enables the user to safely observe samples and confirm that all of the UV tubes are lit.

Safeguards Your Valuable Test Results and Optimizes Binding. After investing your valuable time and effort, the last thing you want is to have your improperly bound sample disappear during the wash cycle. No need to worry about that with the Spectrolinker! Just select the desired energy level and its unique true-UV-monitoring circuitry assures that the dosage you set is always precisely delivered. Even when the tubes age or if the AC-line power fluctuates, the crosslinker’s automatic photoelectric
feedback circuitry assures that your samples will be properly irradiated. And its “smart” microprocessor controller, large LED display and color-coded key pad reduce human error. An anodized-aluminum chamber prevents sample contamination due to rust.


Dramatically Enhances Hybridization-Signal Sensitivity as compared to conventional methods. Tests were conducted at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (NY) to determine what effect, if any, different binding methods have on DNA retention. The autoradiographic results (on right) conclusively prove that UV irradiations with the Spectrolinker significantly improves retention over vacuum-oven baking. Three samples each of single-stranded, M13 DNA were applied in the amounts shown in the autoradiograms in GeneScreen1 nylon and 0.45µm nitrocellulose2 membranes by slot blotting. One membrane from each set of three was processed by vacuum baking for two hours at 80°C. The second and third membranes were UV irradiated by the Spectrolinker at 120mJ/cm2 (optimal) and 90mJ/cm2 dosages, respectively, and then hybridized to an RNA probe (in five-fold excess) according to Maniatis et al3. DNA retention was quantified as counts per minute (CPM) of the hybridized probe by and Ambis Radio-analytic Imaging System4.

Produces Publication-Quality Results, First Time — Every Time! The Spectrolinker greatly enhances the quality of your autoradiograms so you’ll consistently get the sharpest and clearest, publication-quality photodocumentation.

Protects the User, Too! There’s no risk of accidental UV exposure with the Spectrolinker. Its safety interlock protects you if you open the door during operation. A UV-blocking window permits easy viewing while shielding the user from harmful radiation.


Versatile — Numerous Applications include:

  • Crosslinking of DNA and RNA by covalently binding nucleic acids to nylon or nitrocellulose membranes after Northern, Southern, slot or dot blotting5,6,7 and colony or plaque lifts.
  • Elimination of PCR contamination8,9,10
  • Nicking ethidium-bromide-stained DNA in agarose gels11
  • Gene mapping for creating cleavage-inhibiting thymine dimers12
  • RecA mutation screening in E. coli3
  • UV sterilization13,14,15
  • UV-intensity monitoring
  • Miscellaneous UV-dosage applications including UV-induced polymerization or drying






(5) 8-watt 254nm UV tubes

(6) 15-watt 254nm UV tubes


(5) 8-watt 312nm UV tubes

(5) 8-watt 365nm UV tubes

(6) 15-watt 312nm UV tubes

(6) 15-watt 365nm UV tubes

Overall Housing Dimensions:

19.5W x 10.5H x 9: D

(49.5W x 26.7H x 22.9cmD)

24W x 10.5H x 14″D

(61.0W x 26.7H x 35.6cmD)

Effective Inner Chamber Dimensions:

13.5W x 7H x 7.5″ D

(34.3W x 17.8H x 19.1cmD)

18.25W x 6.25H x 12.5″ D

(46.4W x 15.9H x 31.8cmD)


120V, 60Hz, 2A
230V, 50Hz, 2A
100V, 50/60Hz, 2A

120V, 60Hz, 3A
230V, 50Hz, 3A
100V, 50/60Hz, 3A

Irradiance Display Resolution:
±5µW/cm2 over the entire range