Giangarlo Scientific


Designed for ease-of-use, the compact, portable UHQ system is used for applications such as HPLC, TOC analysis, tissue culture, Microbiological analysis and ICP Mass Spectrometry. The UHQ is available in two models, the UHQ II which includes an RO membrane for use with raw potable water and the UHQ PS which can be used with pre-purified water.

Features and Benefits
  • 18.2 Megohm purity water dispensed at up to 0.75 lpm
  • Recirculation feature maintains optimum water quality and inhibits bacterial growth
  • Specially conditioned  ion exchange resin ensures absolute ionic purity
  • UV reactor cell reduces microorganisms and TOC levels
  • 0.05 痠 absolute filter protects microbore columns in analytical instruments
  • Quality meter continually displays resistivity of water
  • 4 liter storage tank capacity
  • Supplied complete with all consumables