Giangarlo Scientific



  • For medium (0-200 U) and high (0-500 U) temperature services
  • Simultaneous display of air velocity and temperature
  • Improved response time by the addition of secondary temperature compensation circuit
  • Average measurements over 5 or 10 seconds
  • Programmable sampling mode and parameters
  • Easy review of time history by graphic display
  • Memory function of maximum 999 separate measurement data
  • Built-in RS-232 C serial interface for connection to PC. Analog output and remote control terminal also equipped.
  • Built-Powered by six U2 type batteries or AC adapter N.B. Probes sold separately


Model Name Main Body : Model 6162
Probe : Model 0203, 0203-01(for middle temperature)
MMMMModel 0204, 0204-01(for high temperature)
Measuring Functions Measurement of air velocity and temperature
Measuring Range

Air velocity Vo to 25m/s
MMMMMM Vo to 50m/s

Vo=Minimum Measurable Velocity

Vo Air Temperature
0.2m/s 0 to 99 C
0.4m/s 100 to 199 C
0.7m/s V200 to 299 C
1.0m/s 300 to 400 C
Measuring Accuracy
1 Measuring Range Accuracy Resolution
Air Velocity Vo to 4.99m/s +-3%F.S. 0.01m/s
5.0 to 9.99m/s
10.0 to 25.5m/s 0.1m/s
Air Temp. 0 to 99.9 C +-(1%rdg+1 C) 0.2 C
100 to 500 C 1 C
Temp. Compensation Accuracy (Air Velocity)

Air Temp.

MODEL 0203, 0203-01 MODEL 0204, 0204-01
Air Velocity 0 to 200 C 0 to 400 C
Vo to 4.99m/s +-10%F.S +-15%F.S.
5.0 to 9.99m/s +-6%F.S. +-10%F.S.
10.0 to 25.5m/s 1 1
Heat- resisting of Cable Teflon conating (Probe side) : 200 C
Vinyl code (Extension cable) : 80 C
Air velocity approx. 4 second.(90% at air velocity of 5m/s)
Air Temperature approx. 5 second.(90% at air velocity of 5m/s)
Display Digital(simultaneous display of Air velocity and temperature)
Input/output Terminal
Renite terminal START/STOP key
Analog output terminal Output voltage 0 to 1V, accuracy 0.5% F.S.
Output impedance 47¸
Simultaneous output of air velocity temp.
Digital output terminal RS-232C (serial Interface)
Memory Max. 999 data (only for the measurement in 1 page)
Power Supply Dry battery drive : U2 type (1.5V X 6 PCS=9V)
Alkaline battery, Mu battery
AC adapter : 12.5V, 450mA (AC100V+-10%, 50/60Hz)
Operating Temperature 5 ~ 40 C
Battery Life Approx.8 hrs(Alkaline Life, when operate continuously in air velocity 5 m/s. This is a life time in case of the back light is OFF)
Dimensions 220(W)X85(D)X150(H)mm
Model Name MODEL 0203, 0203-01 MODEL 0204, 0204-01
Dimensions À11X208mm À11X1000mm
Cable Teflon coating 1.5m
Vinyl code 5m
Teflon coating 2.3m
Vinyl code 10m
Extension Rod (Option) Extension rod for middle temp. 6162-03 : 16.5(MAX)X800mm
Extension rod for higt temp. 6162-04 : 22(MAX)X2070mm
Weight Main body : Approx.1.8kg
Probe : Model 0203, 0203-01MMMApprox. 200g
Model 0204, 0204-01MMMApprox. 500g
List of Components
Main body (MODEL 6162)
Shoulder Belt 1 pc
Dry battery (U2 Type Alkaline Batteries) 6pcs
AC adapter (DC12V, 450mA) 1 pc
Analog output cable 2 pcs
Operation manual 1 pc
Probe for middle temp. MODEL 0203, 0203-01 Q’ty
Probe board 1 pc
Carrying case for probe 1 pc
Extension cable (Vinyl code: 5m) 1 pc
Probe for high temp. MODEL 0204, 0204-01 Q’ty
Probe board 1 pc
Carrying case for probe 1 pc
Extension cable Vinyl code: 10m 1 pc
Reagent bottle, Breaker, Brush of bamboo each 1 pc