Giangarlo Scientific

Single Gas Instruments

Pac Ex 2
With a compact, handy and pocket-sized design, this robust instrument can be used for all personal monitoring applications. Pac Ex 2 measures for explosive hazards and a lack or surplus of oxygen. Combined with a vibrating alarm, an acoustic and optic alarm react instantly when the gas concentration exceeds the set alarm thresholds.
Pac Ex 2 is available in two instrument versions:
  • instrument for ex gas measurement
  • combination instrument for ex gas and oxygen measurement
The modular design enables high instrument flexibility. The ex gas detection instrument can be easily upgraded to an ex gas and oxygen detection instrument. This flexibility is made possible by the plug and play function of the oxygen sensor and a easy-to-change sensor cap.
microPac is a compact gas warning instrument available in three versions (CO, H2S and O2) to monitor the ambient air in industry, during the transport of dangerous good and at other workplaces exposed to gas hazards. Up to two years free of maintanance, it isn’t necessary to calibrate microPac during this time.
microPac is equipped with electrochemical DrägerSensors and available for the measurement of carbon monoxide (up to 400 ppm), hydrogen sulfide (up to 100 ppm) and oxygen (up to 25 % by Vol). With 2 button operation, it weighs only 105 Gram.
Pac III is a family of single gas measuring units with three different versions to adapt to the most diverse measurement tasks and application conditions: Pac III B can used to measure CO, H2S or O2; Pac III S accepts 20 different sensor types and Pac III E has an optional datalogger and special alarm evaluation for TRGS / ACGIH. Pac III is also equipped with a wide range of power supplies and meets many of the current approvals.
microPac Plus
microPac Plus is a compact personal gas detection instrument. It is available in six versions to measure CO, H2S, O2, CO2, PH3 or HCN. microPac Plus is a gas warning instrument monitoring the ambient air to protect people against gas hazards.
This state-of-the-art instrument incorporates various outstanding features:
  • maintenance-free during operating period
  • two alarm thresholds
  • optic, acoustic and vibrating alarm
  • small, robust housing
  • extremely functional
  • wide temperature and humidity range
  • optimised, electrochemical Dräger-Sensor