Model U801 UHP Liquid Flo-Controller


The Model U801 Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) Flo-Controller will precisely measure and control flow rates of virtually any fluid as low as 15 mL/minute or as high as 10 LPM. Repeatable results are achieved by utilizing a patented microturbine flow sensor design. The system includes both a valve module (shown above) where fluid connections are made and a control module (below) where electrical connections are made.

The Model U801 UHP Flo-Controller integrates a proportional double-diaphragm valve to accurately control flow rate. McMillan design insures long life expectancy under normal operating conditions - millions of cycles with no valve degradation.

1.0% full-scale accuracy (including linearity & hysteresis) provides the critical control required for modern microelectronic applications. Unparalleled repeatability reassures process engineers that results will be consistent. An optional temperature rating of 0-90C allows use in most UHP applications.

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