Drager Sensors

Transmitters in gas detection systems are based on different sensor technologies. Depending on the application and the target substance, specific sensor principles are utilised like Infrared sensors, catalytic sensors (Pellistors) or electrochemical sensors.

Because Dräger Safety designs and manufactures all these sensors they are perfectly matching with their respective instruments.

Different types of instruments like portable devices or stationary transmitters require different sensor versions.

Stationary Sensors
Stationary sensors continously have to do their job around-the-clock and all-year-long. The superior feature of DrägerSensors is their expected life-time.

The performance and technical specification can be found under the respective categories.
DrägerSensors for Portable Instruments
High quality, user friendliness and optimum performance at a reasonable price: these aspects set Dräger apart from its worldwide competitors and lead to our success in the marketplace. Sensors have been a key technology in Dräger products for many years and our research and development group continues to bring you the best sensor technology.

High sensitivity and selectivity to the gas being measured, combined with excellent long-term stability and fast reaction times, ensure that the user receives immediate and reliable warning in the event of gas hazards.

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