Portable Single & Multi-Gas Instruments

Dräger's portable gas detection instruments have been developed to meet the demands of our everyday working lives. Handy and robust, they provide a high technical standard and have been tried and tested in different fields of application

Single-Gas Instruments
Dräger's line of single-gas measurement products keep you aware of one specific gas's concentration consistently and reliably. The versatility of these products allow you to configure the product to meet your application needs.
Multi-Gas Instruments
The need to continuously and simultaneously measure the concentration of several gases arises frequently in industrial and community applications. For these kinds of measurements, Dräger offers a complete product line to provide our customers with custom solutions.
Multi-Gas Scanners
Included in the wide product range of Dräger Safety are a reliable line of multi-gas scanners. These instruments enable you to measure electronically several gases and/or vapours simultaneously through the use of two different technologies: Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) and Photo Ionization Detection (PID).
Dräger's E-Cal: Professional instrument management
Dräger E-Cal is the revolutionised cost-saving instrument system which automatically operates customised calibrations for all portable Dräger gas detection instruments.

The new instrument management standard: Automatically calibrates and checks up to 10 instruments simultaneously, controls up to twelve different gases, provides maximum efficiency and functionality, includes automatic data management (calibration history), incorporates modern and modular design, automatically reads instruments' datalogger, automatically loads instruments' charges, is compatible with Multiwarn II, MiniWarn and Pac III.

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