Giangarlo Scientific

UV Transilluminators


  • Available in your choice of fixed- or variable-intensity models
  • Choose from various combinations of UV (312nm, 254nm and/or 365nm) as well as white light
  • Variable-intensity UV transilluminators provide both the highest intensity
    and the longest sample-preparation time
  • Unsurpassed UV intensity produces brilliant fluorescent response and the highest clarity
  • Special diffusing screen ensures superior light distribution and eliminates confusing light striations
  • Compatible with photo and electronic video documentation equipment

Superior Performance
Unsurpassed UV intensity and outstanding irradiance uniformity clearly show what others may miss—even trace amounts of DNA!

LONGLIFE™ Filter Glass
Inhibits solarization up to 50 times longer than conventional filters, extending filter life and saving you money!

Powerful Cooling Fan
Maintains low filter glass temperature to eliminate decreased intensity and sample-damaging surface heat buildup.

Special Diffusing Screen
Provides unmatched irradiance uniformity. All of our 312nm and
365nm models are equipped with a removable, polymer-based diffusing screen attached below the filter that ensures superior light distribution and eliminates confusing light striations caused by the contours of the tubes (see photos below).

Longest Sample Preparation Time and Maximum Sensitivity!
For maximum sample protection during the preparation stage,
Spectroline TV-series variable-intensity UV transilluminators are
continuously adjustable anywhere from 100% all the way down to
20% (50% in the case of TVD-1000R dual-light transilluminator). They can then be raised to whatever level is needed for the clearest analysis.

Smooth, Easy-to-Clean Filter Frames
Reduce the chance of gel damage or contamination.

Automatic Shut-Off Timers
Prevent UV overexposure (in the TC- and TL-series).

Minimize Photodamage
Spectroline 312nm transilluminators virtually eliminate transmission of destructive 254nm radiation, so there is minimal photobleaching, photonicking and photodimerization. Since your samples last much longer, your testing becomes a lot faster and easier

Life test of LONGLIFE filter using medium wave UV exposure at 11,000 µW/cm2 intensity level

Bi-O-Vision Series
TVD-1000R variable-intensity
UV/white light transilluminator


Standard Series
TC-312R fixed-intensity UV


Slimline Series
TE-312S compact UV


Select Series
TS-312E economy UV

Photos taken with (left) and without (right) Spectroline diffusing screen