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Density (Consistency) Meter

 The LQ Series Puts You In Control of Your Product Quality.

Toshiba’s Microwave Density (Consistency) Meter LQ series use a new principle, microwave phase difference measurement, to determine the density (consisitensy) of fluids flowing through pipes. This exploits the way a fluid’s density (consistency) affects the propagation of microwaves when they pass through it. This allows the reliable measurement of the fluid’s density (consistency) by monitoring the difference in microwave phase between the original wave and one passed through the measured fluid (refer to right diagram). Unlike that done by monitoring the attenuation of a transmitted wave, measuring fluid density (consistency) by observing a wave’s phase difference is unaffected by flow velocity and hardly to the affect such as contaminations. This method therefore provides excellent measurement precision in the field. On the whole, reliability is high and maintenance requirements are minimal since the equipment has no moving parts and no projections inside the piping.


 Microwave Density Analyzer
Density, Consistency, Total Solids, Percent Water and Mass Flow


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