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RHS 1 & 2 Tissue Processor

Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc brings you the most innovative breakthrough of the century in tissue processing:
HACKER-MILESTONE RHS1 & RHS2 Rapid Tissue Processing Systems.
In our continuous effort to provide the laboratory with instrumentation that will dramatically improve throughput and quality, we present a dramatically different approach to tissue processing. The RHS Tissue Processing Systems will reduce processing time to 1/3rd of the time required by a conventional tissue processor. The quality of the tissues is outstanding and consistent. You can now process all tissue types simultaneously, with one program. The system is virtually maintenance free and is ready to go whenever you are.

Imagine the tremendous benefit of reduced turn around time for your lab, and for a patient. Not only will you be able to produce same day results. The RHS System needs just one environmentally friendly reagent and paraffin to get the job done. No more xylene. No stockpiles of reagents to accommodate in your lab.


All procedures are fully documented to put you in control. Use a factory pre-loaded program, or write your own. The RHS System gives you the flexibility to meet your needs.

RHS Systems are suitable for labs processing high volume, low volume and anything in between. Dedicated cassette modules come in various sizes to accommodate volume levels. These modules are not only user friendly; they also control reagent and paraffin consumption.


The bottom line:

  • RHS Tissue Processing Systems will enable your lab to deliver same day turn-around-time for specimens, which require tissue processing. Complete processing of biopsy samples in less than 1 hour. Complete processing of standard samples in less than 31/2 hours.
  • Your lab will enjoy significant reductions in reagent and paraffin use for tissue processing.
  • Your lab will be a healthier place for you to work with the elimination of xylene for tissue processing.
  • Your lab will have the ability to dramatically increase its tissue processing capacity.
  • And, as an added bonus RHS Systems can also be used for fixation, histochemical staining, decalcification, and high temperature histology procedures.
  • And last, but not least, the acquisition cost of an RHS System is significantly lower than a conventional tissue processor.

The Future has arrived. Make your lab a part of it.