Giangarlo Scientific


For superior fluorescence analysis and photo-documentation, the Spectroline cabinets are the building units of any system. Featuring modular designs, and by combining with our Spectroline UV lamps and transilluminators, both epi- and trans-illumination is possible. Documentation is easily achieved with convenient snap-on adapters for standard cameras. This versatility allows for customized UV viewing and documentation systems that meet your unique requirements.

CC- and CL- Series
The Spectroline CC-80 and CL-150 UV fluorescence cabinets are ideal for darkroom needs, offering both superior fluorescence analysis and instant photo-documentation of research findings.

CM- SeriesThe Spectroline CM Series provides both long wave and short wave UV irradiance, is lightweight and portable with rugged aluminum cabinet and lamp housings.



CX- Series
The high-intensity Spectroline CX-20 and CX-21 cabinets ensure maximum ultraviolet irradiance and fluorescent contrast because they are innovatively designed for peak efficiency.