Giangarlo Scientific

PURELAB Ultra Laboratory Water Purification Systems

The PURELAB Ultra water system supplies up to 2 lpm of 18.2 Megohm-cm, ultrapure water.

The PURELAB Ultra is an advanced water purification system that delivers ASTM Type I ultrapure water for critical biological and analytical laboratory techniques. The Ultra is available in five models tailored to the needs of research scientists for the most critical applications. The Ultra range includes: The Ultra Genetic, Ultra Bioscience, Ultra Analytic, Ultra Ionic and the Ultra Scientific.

Applications by PURELAB Ultra model:

Ultra Scientific – Glassware washing, buffer preparation, Atomic Absorption, ICP

Ultra Ionic – Flamless AA, Ion Chromatography, ICP – MS

Ultra Analytic – HPLC, GC/MS, TOC Analysis

Ultra Bioscience – Immunology, Microbiology, Toxicology, Tissue Culture, Protein/Peptide sequencing, Endotoxin analysis, Protein purification

Ultra Genetic – 2D Electrophoresis, Monoclonal Antibody production, DNA / RNA research, PCR, Mammalian Cell Culture, Molecular Biology

Features and Benefits
  • 18.2 Megohm purity water at dispense rates of up to 2.0 lpm
  • Direct, on-line, real time TOC monitoring (Analytic and Genetic models)
  • Continuous electronic auto-calibration provides constant verification of circuitry
  • Preset volume programming for precision volumetric dispensing
  • Real-time water quality monitoring via sophisticated GRID display
  • PIN code capability enables protection of system settings
  • Unique data tags provide full traceability and history of purification cartridge packs for validation
  • Whisper mode recirculation for the quietest operation
  • New multi-stage purification packs guarantee 18.2 Megohm water quality, maximizing capacity and reducing running costs
  • Energy-saving nighttime mode