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Process Products

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ISE, UV, Vis, NIR & Colorimetric Methods
On-Line NIR Composition Analyzers
On-Line NIR Moisture Analyzers
On-Line TOC/TOD Analyzers
Portable Combustion Gas Analyzers

Portable and Lab Near Infrared analyzers for
Gasoline Octane and Fuel Analysis
Moisture, Fat, and Protein Analysis of Food, Cheese and Grains



Continuous Flue-Gas Monitoring Systems
Groundwater/Stormwater runoff monitoring
Interface Control In Any Separation Process
On-Line Water Monitoring Systems
Oil & Water Monitors
Oil on Water Detection Systems
Spill/Leak detection for Wet/Dry Sumps and retention tank monitoring
Automatic Tank Dewatering Probes
Tank Profilers
Vision Analysis 
Canty Process Technology
Thermal Vision System Applications for Waste/Energy Incineration, Thermal Oxidizers, Kilns: Cement Lime, Iron Ore, Refinery, Glass Industry and Molten Metal
Process Lighting
Fiber Optic Lighting
Sanitary lighting
Flange, NPT,Tri-Clamp and NA-Connect connections
Industrial and Sanitary Sight Glasses and Sight Flows
High Temperature and Industrial Surveillance Cameras
Camera and Light Vision Systems for Pilot Plant Production Tanks, Level Control, Foam Detection. Spray Dryers, Nutsche Filter, Centrifuge Level and Interface Detection
Particle Sizing for Fermentation or Crystallization applications in the process and in the Lab
Liquid Analysis for Particle Size in Slurries and Suspensions
Oil & Gas Analysis: Water in Oil, Oil in Water, Water in Oil/BSW, Color, Asphaltenes, Wax, PPM/PPB, Particle Distribution, Solilds, Hydrates and FAME. Inflow, In-Line, At-Line and Lab/Portable Analyzers
Particle Analysis for Size, Shape and Color


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