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T3/T3M Compatible Visible Spectrophotometer




​The T3 portable spectrometer is a compact portable instrument based on advanced CCD detection technology.

Whilst being highly compact, the instrument boasts all the features of a conventional bench-top spectrophotometer including Spectrum Scanning, Photometric, Quantitative and Kinetic methods. Due to its portable design, it is also ideal for field monitoring and on-site operation for water and food analysis. Pre-programmed test methods for the Spectroquant series of reagent test kits from Merck Chemicals. We have selected the Spectroquant Test Kits from Merck Chemicals as a partner in order to off an application specific instrument, targeted specifically for environmental measurements. The T3 Spectrophotometer is supplied pre-programmed with calibration data for each of the Spectroquant test methods.
​Features & Functions:
  • ​Packed in a rugged carry case
  • A Windows CE embedded operating system
  • 4.3 inch 480*272 color touch screen TFT interface
  • 2 GB memory for extensive data storage
  • Use rectangular cell, round test and fiber probe
  • UV-Win software offers many operational and data processing capabillites and is supplied as standard with the T8DCS
  • Outstanding flat-field holographic concave grating
  • Multiple interface including USB, RS232, Ethernet, GPS and SIM card
  • GPS positioning and GPRS mobile wireless data transmisson
  • Data monitoring software (optional)
  • Lithium battery continuously work for 6 hours after fully charged
  • A wide range of sample preparation accessories





  •     Environmental     
  •       Food & Beverage      
  •       Agriculture      
  •       Clinical



Standard Accessories:
  •    Carry case
  •      Pipettes
  •      Washing bottle
  •      Plain test tube
  •      Centrifuge tubes
  •      Cuvette
  •      Test tubes
  •      Data viewer software
  •      Plastic boxes
  •      Long path length cell holder
Optional Accessories & Consumables: