Giangarlo Scientific


In-Line Viscometer

Nametre in-line viscometers employ a torsional oscillation measuring technique resulting in high precision and accuracy for a wide range of materials and process conditions. Nametre offers a variety of viscosity sensors and transmitters to monitor and control a wide range of applications.

At the heart of our instrument is our field proven transducer with:

  • No-moving-parts 316L SS construction
  • Viscosity measurement from 0.1 cP to 1,000,000 cP
  • Process temperatures from -40°C to 400°C
  • Factory calibrated to NIST traceable standards
  • Flexible installation in tanks or pipelines
  • Reliable in harsh process environments in the polymer, petrochemical, oil refining, asphalt, adhesives, foods and consumer products industries
  • Equally effective measuring the viscosity of solutions, slurries, emulsions and dispersions

The Model VL500 sensor is designed for lower temperature, pad flange mount installations.


The VL800 sensor can be customized to adapt to existing piping or tank nozzles and can withstand process temperatures up to 300C with the standard design. A high temperature sensor is also available.


The VS400 Transmitter:

  • Autoranging over 3 decades
  • Housed in a NEMA 4X wall mount enclosure
  • One LCD display
  • Visual alarms
  • 4-20 mA and Relay outputs


    The VS600 Transmitter:

    • Autoranging over 3 decades
    • Housed in a panel mount enclosure of less than 1/2 din size
    • Two LCD displays
    • Visual alarms