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H/I brings you the right microtome for every job.
From routine histology to research applications and materials R & D, H/I Microtomes will provide you with the quality and performance you need.

NEW HACKER 200 & 300 Series Microtome
The ergonomic design and safety features of the H/I 200 and 300 Series microtomes make them ideal for the fast paced histology lab. The monoblock specimen carriage eliminates almost all vibration common with multi-component assemblies. The cutting mechanism and course feed systems are mounted on a heavy base casting. The specimen carriage slides up and down on maintenance- and backlash-free cross roller bearings. The X-Y fine orienting system allows the tissue sample to be positioned from the left, freeing the right hand for handwheel operation. The handwheel is positively locked for added safety; once the brake is set, the motor drive cannot be engaged. Knife holders are available for both disposable and conventional steel knives. For added safety, both E- and NB type holders are provided with removable or retractable finger guards. All units are provided with a built-in section counter and a slide-in section waste tray.
All units Made in USA to meet highest technical standards.


Max Specimen Size:
55 x 50 mm
Cutting Range:
0.5 to 60 µm
Programmable Trimming:
0.5µm to 60µm
Cutting Increments:
0.5 µm: 0.5 to 2 µm
1 µm: 2 to 10 µm
2 µm: 10 to 20 µm
5 µm: 20 to 60 µm
Vertical Cutting Stroke:
64 mm
Variable Cutting Speed (300 Series only):
0-400 mm/sec
Max. Horizontal Advance:
28 mm
Dimensions, L x W x H, in.:
18 x 102 x 11

Hacker 200 Series Microtome
Auto-retracting microtome with motorized feed. Manually operated cutting mechanism.

Hacker 300 Series Microtome
High-speed motorized unit for paraffin-embedded specimens. Motorized cutting mechanism and feed system.


Hacker-Bright 5040 Microtome Series 
Easy to use rotary, retracting microtome with a wide range of options. The 5040 microtome series is suitable for routine pathology, teaching laboratories and research. Other applications include materials research and food science. The rigid design is well suited for cutting hard specimens such as undecalicified bone and acrylic resins. Available in motorized and manual versions, 5040’s strong, rigid and virtually maintenance free design will give years of reliable service. 

H/I Sliding Microtome 
Extremely user friendly, the H/I Sliding Microtome requires minimal operator skills. Cuts a wide range of materials, from industrial plastics and soft metals to biological tissues – calcified and non-calcified. Uses any profile knife, including disposables in a suitable holder. Fully orientable clamp can be used directly on sample or to secure ancillary stages. Ideal for use with H/I CryoHistomat

Hacker-Bright 8000 Series Base Sledge Microtome 
For the ultimate in versatility combined with strength, accuracy, reliability and safety. 

H/I Cryo-Histomat® MK-2 
For fast, easy and affordable frozen sections, this solid state freezing device can be used with any microtome. Freezing stage available in two sizes for standard rotary, sliding and freezing microtomes or for large sliding microtomes. Also available with automatic temperature control via micro probe needle and readout unit. 

H/I Freezing Microtome 
Portable and affordable, the H/I freezing microtome is designed for use with any model Cryo-Histomat. Accommodates 8-12cm knives; knife angle adjustable through 10 degrees. Detachable clamp for specimen or auxiliary stages. Continuous specimen feed for section 5 – 40 micrometers in increments of 5. Robust, cast construction for rigidity. Available with Closed Circuit Coolant System for operation with Cryo-Histomat remote from water supply.