The YSI enzyme electrode technology provides accurate one-minute results with minimal sample preparation. In biofuel production plants and in biofuel research labs the YSI 2700 has proved to complement HPLC analysis. The YSI has proven to be a very useful and cost-effective tool in monitoring applications from residual ethanol in beer bottoms to monitoring xylose and glucose in saccharification and fermentation studies. Users cite ease of use and simplicity of maintenance, along with accurate results, as key advantages of the YSI technology to help maintain ethanol production efficiency in plants; and to more quickly evaluate parameter changes in cellulosic bioethanol research studies


YSI 2700 SELECT Biochemistry Analyzer
Measure key analytes in biofuel production and research. Choose single or dual chemistry model. Analytes include glucose, lactate, ethanol, xylose and more.


YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer
Simultaneously measure 6 key analytes. Popular combination is glucose, lactate, ethanol and xylose. 96 well plates for batch sampling. 


Online Monitoring and Control
YSI offers several products for on-line monitoring and control of key analytes in cell culture bioreactors. The original YSI 2700M offers a cost-effective, simple method for monitoring (and with the addition of a feed pump, control). YSI has collaborated with Flownamics to provide solutions for your more complex monitoring and control applications.