Giangarlo Scientific

Laboratory Water System Storage Reservoirs

USFilter laboratory storage reservoirs are available in 25 liter, 40 liter and 75 liter capacities to meet individual purified water requirements. All three sizes are wall-mountable to save valuable bench space.

Features and Benefits

• Inert polyethylene construction minimizes the risk of organic leachables
• Fully opaque to avoid algal growth
• Integrated 5-level switch control to allow automatic fill-up of reservoir by lab water system
• Sloping base allows complete drainage of water from reservoir
• Composite vent filter eliminates contamination of water from CO 2 , volatile organic compounds or airborne bacteria
• Available in 3 convenient sizes — 25 liter, 40 liter and 75 liter
• Designed for use with PURELAB range of water purification systems