Giangarlo Scientific



  • System consists of main unit, module, probe (+ROM) and software
  • 4 types of module available:
    V type (air velocity only)
    VT type (velocity + temperature)
    VTH type (velocity + temperature + humidity)
    SP type (static pressure)
  • RS232-C serial interface for connection to PC. GP-IB parallel interface and analog output available at option.
  • Minimum 0.1 second sampling time for all readings
  • More than 10 types of probe to choose from
  • Display of modular-wise readings. Automatic change of displayed data from one module tot he other

N.B. Main unit, module, probe+ROM and software are sold separately.


Measuring Object Clean air flow with normal temperature and pressure
Model Model 1550
(1/1 Case)
Model 1560
(1/2 Case)
16 modules can be inserted in this unit.
430(W)*140(h)*500(d)mm approx. 10kg20.0 to 50.0m/s
6 modules can be inserted in this unit
226(W)*140(h)*325(d)mm approx. 5kg
Module Name No. of Channels


Module V 4 channels Velocity*4


Module VT 2 channels (Velocity & Temperature)*2


Module VTH 1 channel (Velocity & Temperature Humidity)*1


Measuring Range (1)Air Velocity Probe
Model 0962-00
,0963-00,Model 0964-01,-02 : 0.1-50m/s
Model 0965-00
,-03,04,07,08 : 0.1-25.0m/s(Spherical type)
(2)Air Velocity / Temperature Probe
Model 0962-21 0963-21, : 0.1-50.0m/s 0-100 C
Model 0965-21 : 0.1-25.0m/s 0-100 C
(3)Air Velocity / Temperature / Relative Humidity Probe
Model 0963-31 : 0.1-50.0m/s 0-60 C 5-95%rh
Model 0965-31 : 0.1-25.0m/s 0-60 C 5-95%rh
Display LCD (with backlight) Simultaneously displays on a module basis.
MAN Is used to select modules by operating the UP/DOWN switches.
AUTO Automatically select s modules every 2 seconds to display data.
Function Measuring Mode Burst Mode : Transfers data of all channels at high speed.
Channel Mode : Transfers data of the specific channel only.
Data Selection Outputs instantaneous values every specified sampling time, and outputs the average.
Interface Data transfer RS232C (standard), extended RS232C (optional) and GP-IB (optional)
Baud Rate 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200bps(selectable)
Printer output Centronics (the system prints data only of the module display, every 2 seconds.)