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SRI Gas Chromatograph Overview

From our family of Gas Chromatographs, select the model which best fits your needs.

The full-featured 8610C GC can mount up to four (sometimes five or six) detectors, five injectors, and a host of accessories, yet is still small enough to ship UPS/FedEx or even check it as airline baggage for your expeditions to the field. It also fits easily on a crowded laboratory bench.

The Model 8610D GC is identical to the 8610C, except that it has dual temperature programmable column ovens.

Consider the Model 310 when you want the smallest laboratory GC available and plan to inject using a syringe. This compact chassis can mount up to four detectors and one injector.

Choose the rack-mountable Model 410 GC for 19-inch, shelf-equipped industrial racks.

The ultra-compact Model 110 can mount up to four detectors and connects to a host GC (SRI or another brand) via a heated transfer line. Pick this chassis when you need to add detectors to an existing GC, or want GC detector performance without a chromatographic separation (total hydrocarbon stream monitoring, etc.). This model does not include a PeakSimple data system as standard equipment.

Standard Features of All SRI GC Models:

  • Built-in,single channel PeakSimple data system (except for the Model 110).
  • Heavy duty, all-aluminum construction for lightweight durability.
  • “At-a-glance” panel display that reports the status of system heating, pressure, and voltage control zones to the bright and easy-to-read display.
  • Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) for all regulated gas pressures.
  • EPC results in enhanced day-to-day reproducibility compared to mechanical pressure regulators, and allows the carrier gas pressure to be ramped from the data system.

  • Four, five, or six simultaneous detector capability—choose from 16 detector types.