Giangarlo Scientific

Flammable Gas Monitors

Open Path Gas Detectors
Open Path Gas Detectors measure combustible hydrocarbons along a line of sight, between an optical transmitter and a receiver. The well proven measurement principle is based on IR absorption.

Path lengths up to 200 metres can be monitored with Dräger Safety Open Path Systems. Only this technology is measuring the amount of released gases and thus gives a direct measure of the hazard.

IR Transmitters
Dräger‘s IR gas detectors provide state of the art technology. They perform reliable measurements even in harshest environments and come with a lot of configuration options. Continuous self test routines result in fail-safe operation.

Catalytical Transmitters
Catalytical Transmitters for the detection of flammable gases and vapors utilise Pellistors which are based on the catalytic effect.

Different sensor versions will suit even the most demanding industrial applications