Giangarlo Scientific

DV 25 and DV 35 Modular Docking Vessel Reservoirs

The new DV 25 and DV 35 docking vessels are state-of-the-art high purity water storage reservoirs specially designed to accommodate the PURELAB and MEDICA water purification systems. The L-shaped docking vessels are designed as a base for the water purification system resulting in one integral, compact unit that eliminates the need for a separate reservoir and saves valuable bench space.

Each docking vessel fits its matched water purification system like a glove:

DV 25 – Accommodates the PURELAB Option-R 7/15 water purification system and the MEDICA analyzer feed water purification system.

DV 35 – Accommodates the PURELAB Ultra (all models), the PURELAB Prima 7/15/20, and the PURELAB Option-S 7/15.

Features and Benefits
  • Smooth internal surfaces with no crevices to harbor bacteria
  • Inert polyethylene construction minimizes possibility of contamination of stored water
  • Sloping, self-draining base provides more complete sanitization and quicker rinse-out time
  • Recirculation capability combined with composite vent filter prevents ingress of airborne bacteria and reduces CO 2 levels and volatile organics within the reservoir
  • Built-in dispense tap (DV 35 version only)
  • Docking station design means no unsightly exposed interconnecting tubing or wiring
  • Simple “plug-in” connections allow easy connection to the water purification system for mistake-free operation
  • Reservoir water level indicator
  • Wall or bench-mountable