Giangarlo Scientific

Stationary Sensors

Electrochemical Sensors
Design does matter: a bigger sensor means bigger electrodes and more electrolyte, hence
  • faster response
  • higher accuracy
  • more stability
  • longer life
The smart DraegerSensor with embedded micro-chip and temperature element supports sensor recognition, numerous selftest functions, remote calibration and signal compensation over the entire temperature range of typically -40 to +65 ºC.
Catalytic DrägerSensors
Catalytic DrägerSensors for the detection of flammable gases and vapors utilise Pellistors which are based on the catalytic effect. Different sensor versions will suit even the most demanding industrial applications.
The DrägerSensor Ex PR M (PR = poison resistant) contains pellistors, which in the presence of catalytic poisons have a longer lifetime than conventional sensors.
The DrägerSensor Ex HT M contains also PR-pellistors, but additionally is approved to be used at temperatures up to 150 °C.
The DrägerSensor Ex LC M contains PR-pellistors, which by their special encapsulation and electronic amplification are suitable to monitor very low gas concentrations. The measuring range is 0…10% LEL.