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Sensors for Portable Instruments

DrägerSensors IR
Dräger Infrared Sensors stand out due to the fact that they are extremely accurate and do not have any cross sensitivities to other gases. They can be used in Multiwarn II and Dräger X-am 7000.
DrägerSensor XS-R
These are the latest generation of intelligent electrochemical DrägerSensor®. They are available for CO, H2S and O2 and may be used in the Pac III, MiniWarn, Multiwarn II, and Dräger X-am 7000 monitors. XS-R sensors offer all of the technical advantages of the XS Sensors, but feature a 5-year warranty.
DrägerSensor XS
There are currently 25 different XS sensors available that can measure over 50 different gases and vapors. XS stands for “eXtra Stability”, meaning these sensors require less frequent calibration than competitive sensors.
XS sensors are intelligent sensors that can be interchanged between the Pac III, Pac Ex 2, MiniWarn, Multiwarn II, and Dräger X-am 7000 monitors. All sensor-related data, including measuring ranges, calibration, alarm set points, etc., are stored in the sensor memory and transferred to the next instrument.
XS sensors include advanced technical features such as internal temperature compensation, outstanding pressure compensation, and user-changeable internal cross-sensitivity filters.
These improvements provide more accurate measurements than other brands. The CO, H2S and O2 versions of the XS sensor carry a 3-year warranty and only require calibration on an annual basis.
DrägerSensor XS-2
The basic sensor in the Draeger instrument line for CO, H2S and O2, the XS-2 sensors are intelligent sensors and can be used in the MiniWarn, Multiwarn II, Pac III, microPac, microPac Plus, Pac Ex 2, and Dräger X-am 7000 instruments. XS-2 sensors for CO, H2S and O2 all carry a 2-year warranty.
The XS-2 sensors replace our PS2 sensor as the best basic sensor offered by any gas detection company.
Dräger Catalytic Ex-Sensor
The Dräger Catalytic Combustible Gas sensor will measure a wide range of combustible gases and vapors. All combustible gases that are readily oxidized by the catalyst will respond to the sensor, but at different sensitivities. The sensors are suitable for use with Multiwarn II, MiniWarn, PacEx II, Dräger X-am 3000, and Dräger X-am 7000.