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E-Cal: Professional Instrument Management

Dräger E-Cal: MasterStation
The MasterStation is the control center of the Dräger E-Cal system. It supports up to 10 instrument modules at once and is available in 2 different versions. The MasterStation 6 controls a maximum of six different gases, the MasterStation 12 up to twelve.
The MasterStations are computer controlled and ensure that any testing and calibration is carried out fast, efficient and with the utmost degree of accuracy.
The control center can communicate bidirectional and simultaneously supports different instrument types. This means the number of configuration possibilities of Dräger E-Cal is almost infinite.
Dräger E-Cal Module
The instrument module establishes the communication between the gas detection device and the MasterStation/PC. It automatically detects when an instrument is put in and reports this event to the control software CC-Vision Dräger E-Cal.
The instrument module controls the gas supply so that an adequate gas flow to the instrument is always ensured.
The test or calibration result is displayed as well. Moreover, the instrument module can also be used in combination with the regular instrument wall plug charger to recharge the unit. Following instrument modules are available:
  • MultiWarn II
  • MiniWarn
  • Pac III
  • Pac Ex 2


    Every instrument module can be operated manually and independent of the MasterStation and utilized as an economic alternative for simple instrument bump tests.
    Dräger E-Cal: Module Adapter
    The optional module adapter enables the direct control of a single instrument module via the PC without using a MasterStation. This way it allows Dräger E-Cal to be used as an economic station for testing and calibration incl. automatic documentation of the test results for single instruments.