Giangarlo Scientific

CX-Series UV Viewing Cabinets


Compact Models CX-20 and CX-21

Valuable space is always at a premium in busy research facilities. The CX-Series cabinets with integral UV and white light tubes were designed with this problem in mind. These compact cabinets help you make the most efficient use of limited laboratory space. Lightweight and portable, they are easily moved and stored.

The high-intensity Spectroline CX-20 and CX-21 cabinets ensure maximum ultraviolet irradiance and fluorescent contrast because they are innovatively designed for peak efficiency. The Spectroline
CX-20 and CX-21 ultraviolet viewing cabinets not only offer superior
analysis of electrophoresis gels and TLC plates, but also a wide range of other materials, including lipids, steroids, vitamins, porphyrins and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

These systems offer the convenience of selecting UV wavelengths simply by pushing a button. Both rugged units combine separate built-in long wave and short wave UV light sources with specially designed specular aluminum reflectors to ensure maximum intensity and superior fluorescent contrast. When measured at the cabinet floor, the long wave UV source provides a typical peak intensity of 610 µW/cm2, while the short wave source has an intensity of 500 µW/cm2. The short wave light source features our unique LONGLIFE™ filter glass, which provides higher initial UV intensity and substantially longer life than conventional filters. For increased versatility, an internal white light source provides visible illumination if needed. All power buttons are colorcoded for easy-to-use irradiance control to protect samples.

Loading and unloading of plates and gels is simple. Soft rubber curtains on both sides of the CX-20 allow easy entrance to its interior. A hinged metal door at the front of the CX-21 gives you the convenience of using only one hand to manipulate specimens. Both the curtains and the door assure complete shielding from external light.


The housings are made of vinyl-clad aluminum for rugged durability. The flexible, contoured viewing eyepiece has a UV-absorbing window for maximum comfort and safety. The window also eliminates “blue haze”interference and increases contrast between the fluorescent area and the background. In addition, a safety interlock mechanism on the CX-21 prevents operation of the cabinet unless the metal door is fully closed. Thus, the user cannot be accidentally exposed to harmful UV radiation.

CX-20 Shown with optional Select Series transilluminator
The CX-20 and CX-21 cabinets have removable bottom panels so they may be easily placed over large objects or, to provide even greater illumination, over a powerful Spectroline UV transilluminator. Both cabinets are designed for use with any of the 23 models of Spectroline transilluminators, which are available in short, medium and long wave UV versions.

CX-Series Specifications




Net Weight


Standard CX-Series cabinet with UV (365/254nm) and white light, 8-watt tubes with rubber curtains

12W x 16L x 9″H

(30.5W x 40.6L x 22.9cmH)

13 lbs


Standard CX-Series cabinet with UV (365/254nm) and white light, 8-watt tubes with hinged metal door

13½ lbs



Large Capacity Models – CX-50 Series

These full-size cabinets are designed for fluorescence viewing of large-size thin layer and paper, electrophoresis gels and many other samples.

  • Uses two high-intensity, well-filtered light sources as well as a white light
  • All (3) light sources may be operated separately or together
  • Provided UV sources (XX-Series lamps) are detachable for outside cabinet use
  • Cabinet adaptable to any Spectroline X-Series 15-watt UV lamps
  • Specially designed for use with photographic equipment
  • Allow simultaneous viewing and photographing
  • Sample platform adjusts to three height positions
  • Double-tiered rubber curtains permit easy access to interior and assure that cabinets are light tight


CX-50 Series Specifications




Net Weight


Large capacity CX-Series cabinet with XX-15N and XX-15F lamps: 365 and 254nm, 15-watt tubes with filter and 25-watt white light bulb

16¼W x 24¼L x 13¼”H

(41.3W x 61.6L x 33.7cmH)

30 lbs


Large capacity CX-Series cabinet with (2) XX-15B lamps: 312nm 15-watt tubes with filter and 25-watt white light bulb


Large capacity CX-Series cabinet with (2) XX-15F lamps: 254nm, 15-watt tubes with filter and 25-watt white light bulb


Large capacity CX-Series cabinet with (2) XX-15N lamps: 365nm, 15-watt tubes with filter and 25-watt white light bulb