Giangarlo Scientific

CM-Series Portable Darkroom Cabinets


Model CM-26 with Removable UV Light Source

  • Provides both long wave and short wave UV irradiance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rugged aluminum cabinet and lamp housings
  • UL listed, CSA approved and CE approved

CM-24 – Shown with optional Select Series transilluminator

Model CM-24 with Removable UV Light Source

The CM-24 UV viewing cabinet is the same as the CM-26, except that it comes equipped with the Spectroline model ENF-240C lamp.
This removable, combination UV light source features two 4-watt tubes, producing a typical peak long wave (365nm) intensity of 300 µW/cm2 and a short wave (254nm) intensity of 310 µW/cm2 at the cabinet floor. The ENF-240C lamp is UL listed, CSA approved and CE approved.




Model CM-10

The CM-10 UV viewing cabinet is the same as the CM-26, except that it comes without a UV light source. Its net weight is only 5 lbs. (2.3kg).

This multi-purpose cabinet is specially designed for use with any one of 22 seperately available Spectroline UV lamp models. These lamps are offered in 4-, 5- and 6-watt versions featuring various combinations of long, medium and short wave ultraviolet light.

The compact, lightweight Spectroline model CM-26 UV viewing cabinet is perfect for ultraviolet fluorescence or absorption demonstrations. It is also excellent for viewing TLC plates and for quality control inspection of PC boards. This low-priced unit is economical enough for multiple installations in school science laboratories.

The combination UV light source (Spectroline model ENF-260C lamp) features two 6-watt tubes, producing a typical peak long wave (365nm) intensity of 350 µW/cm2 and a short wave (254nm) intensity of 390 µW/cm2 at the cabinet floor. The lamp is instantly removable for handheld applications. It has a filter that can be removed for examination of rare earth elements or for inducing photochemical reactions. A specially designed specular aluminum reflector ensures maximum UV irradiance. The attractive lamp housing is constructed of rugged aluminum.

 The light weight and compact size of the CM-26 ensure complete portability. The ENF-260C lamp is UL listed, CSA approved and CE approved.

The CM-26 cabinet has a sturdy aluminum housing with a tough polyurethane finish. The flexible contoured eyepiece is provided with a built-in UV-absorbing window to protect the eyes. This plastic window eliminates “blue haze”interference, increases contrast between the fluorescent area and the background, and reduces eye fatigue.

All CM-Series cabinets are equipped with a felt curtain that permits easy access to the interior and assures maximum shielding from external light. A removable bottom panel lets you place the cabinet directly over Spectroline TC-, TD-, TE-, TS- and TVC-Series transilluminators for higher UV intensity and greater contrast for fluorescent analysis.

CM-Series Specifications




Net Weight


Cabinet only without light source

9W x 12L x 6½”H

(22.8W x 30L x 16.5cmH)

5 lbs


CM-10 with ENF-240C lamp: 365/254nm, 4-watt tubes with filter assembly

7 lbs


CM-10 with ENF-260C lamp: 365/254nm, 6-watt tubes with filter assembly

7½ lbs