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Arctiko ULUF 550 ULT-Low Temp Upright Freezer

Arctiko ULUF 550 Ultra Low-Temperature Freezer

Our ULUF 550 features our single compressor system with direct cooling, for higher temperature uniformity and excellent temperature stability. The ULUF -86C series is produced with the true and original single compressor technology.

Reliable Freezing

The single compressor technology provides reliable low-temperature freezing and high-temperature uniformity.  With the unique single compressor technology, the freezer can reach -86 with only one compressor. This is made possible through our special dimensions of the cooling system and our patented refrigerant. With direct cooling of each compartment, you achieve maximum uniformity and minimum recovery time.

Working Environment

By placing the compressor and other heat and noise-generating components on the top of the unit the heat is distributed up and backward preventing the heat from warming up the entire room.  This design also means that there is never a compartment that you will have difficulties overlooking or using fully. Ensuring an ergonomically correct unit that is easy and pleasant to use.

Filterless Construction

Our filterless construction makes cleaning unnecessary. The evaporator coils are spaced so far apart that dust will not be trapped and obstruct the airflow.  With our compressors located on the top, the dust intake is minimal eliminating the need for filters entirely, saving you maintenance time and cost.

Arctiko ULUF 550 ULT-Low Temp Upright Freezer


Single compressor technology

Low energy consumption

Low heat dissipation

Insulated inner doors

Heated door frame

Heated vacuum valve

100% HCFC/CFC free

Porthole for external temperature probes

Filterless construction

INFOGRAPHIC Arctiko ULUF 550 ULT-Low Temp Upright Freezer


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