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Arctiko SF 150 Low Temperature Chest Freezer

Arctiko SF 150 Low Temperature Freezer

SF 150 freezer-60°C/-76°F will store your samples under perfect conditions even when opening the freezer multiple times during the day. The cold air will stay inside the chamber but the hot air will raise and stay outside of the chamber. The single compressor technology ensure a high temperature uniformity. If you open the freezer several times during a short time period, the LTF freezer will be the best solution for your cold storage.

Cooling System

Arctiko’s SF 150 utilizes our single compressor technology. This means fewer mechanical components taking up space and lowering unnecessary heat-and noise dissipation. The technology ensures the best possible storage capacity per square meter of any chest freezer models in the market.  With Arctiko, you are aximizing the amount of samples you can store, while retaining the best possible cooling performance.

Optimized Storage Capacity

The freezer has optimized internal storage for the best overlook. With the standard included stackable basket and the optional stainless steel front rack storage system the samples will be easy accessible at any time.  The freezer also has a premade access port with no extra cost involved, making it easier to monitor or inspect the unit with external probes.

Filterless Construction

Our filterless construction makes cleaning unnecessary. The evaporator coils are spaced so far apart that dust will not be trapped and obstruct the airflow.  The filterless construction eliminates the need for filters entirely, saving you maintenance time and cost.


Single compressor

Low energy consumption

Low noise level

100% HCFC/CFC free

Castors and door key lock

Porthole for external temperature probes

Recommended Freezer Racks

We recommend using freezer Rack CF-7-2 for this unit.


Arctiko offers a 2 year warranty on parts, including freight and labor and 5 years on their compressors.


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