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The GPA1000™ is a fully automated, on-line bioreactor process analyzer system designed specifically to address the need for accurate, high speed, and cost effective monitoring of biotechnology reactors. This powerful system can sample a reactor or fermenter, process the sample, perform all assays, and display complete analytical results in as little as 15 minutes for a wide range of measurements including protein titer, nutrient and metabolite assays, and biophysical measurements. This easy to use system is delivered with a comprehensive library of analytical methods suitable for most installations. In a typical installation, the GPA1000 connects directly to the reactor through a proprietary sanitary connection. Samples can be as small as ˝ to 5 ml per assay cycle.* The GPA1000 provides high throughput , high resolution, and high accuracy in a cost effective package.

Dramatically lower assay costs
Dramatically lower total operating costs
Dramatically decreased assay times
Completely automated
Increased data accuracy and precision
Reduced maintenance costs
Powerful yet familiar software systems

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The GPA1000 directly collects a sample from the reactor on a programmed schedule controlled by the instrument's firmware, the facility's information management system, or the reactor control system. The GPA1000 is connected to the reactor by a proprietary connection insuring complete, sanitary isolation of the reactor and analyzer. Sample volumes vary from ˝ to 5 ml per cycle.*

The GPA1000 completely and automatically prepares and processes all requested sample fractions in as little as 15 minutes. The instrument performs self-calibration per schedule or on request. Internal Clean-in-Place systems insure accurate determinations and that no batch to batch contamination or carryover can occur.

The GPA1000 assays proteins, nutrients, metabolites, and biophysical data automatically and on-line. Single channel, single molecule and multiplexed multichannel, multicomponent configurations are available. Several analytical options are available to customize the assay system to your particular specification.

The Value of Automation. The GPA1000 reduces method development time, enhances product yield, and helps avoid batch failures. This highly automated instrument system operates hands-free, thus eliminating the need for and costs associated with having valuable, skilled technical employees monitoring and performing traditional manual sampling, preparation and assay. The GPA1000 operates automatically and unattended and significantly reduces labor costs. Scientists, technicians, and production personnel will be free to concentrate on higher value-added core tasks.

A Turnkey Approach. Our total solution includes the services of the Groton Validation Team. The GPA1000 is 21CFR Part 11 compliant and our team has developed complete system validation packages to help you meet cGMP standards and other current FDA compliance requirements. The Validation Team works closely with our Installation Team and the customer to insure a seamless, faultless installation of the GPA1000.

A Customer Driven Total Solution. From product design to applications support, we are focused on the needs of the biotech professional. The GPA1000 will increase the productivity of your company, reduce your operating and labor costs, and improve your product quality. Call us to learn how the GPA1000 system will revolutionize your biotechnology process.

Need More? We offer custom GPA1000 solutions to meet your specific and unique requirements.
Contact us for more information.

*Sample volume varies with the number of assays performed in each cycle and with use of the laboratory, development, or production versions of the GPA1000.

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