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We have categorized our offerings for your convenience and offer a limited number of products on a national level



Clinical Life Sciences

Process Products

Safety Products

Wastewater Products

Mission Statement

Since it’s start in 1970, Giangarlo Scientific Company, Inc. has been supplying Quality Instrumentation and Service to the Analytical, Process Control, Clinical, Environmental and Safety Markets


  1. Analytical Services: Provide details on the types of analytical tests you can perform on medical products, such as purity testing, shelf life testing, and contamination testing.
  2. Environmental Services: Describe the environmental tests you can perform on medical products, such as temperature and humidity testing, drop testing, and vibration testing.
  3. Safety Services: Explain the safety tests you can perform on medical products, such as flammability testing, electrical safety testing, and biocompatibility testing.
  4. Wastewater Services: Outline the waste disposal services you provide for medical products, such as hazardous waste disposal and medical waste disposal.
  5. Process Services: Outline the customized services you provide for your clients, such as product development, problem-solving, and consulting services.

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